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Part I. The Basics of Effective Communication
Chapter 1 Communication: Words Are Not Enough
Chapter 2 Think Before You Speak: The Verbal Component
Chapter 3 Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Nonverbal Communication

Part II. Preparing for Effective Communication

Chapter 4 Grammar: A Lesson in the Basics
Chapter 5 Preparing to Speak: Presentations and Visual Aids

Part III. Effective Communication in Your Professional Sphere

Chapter 6 Written Communication: An Agency’s Lifeline
Chapter 7 Interviewing and Interrogating: Witnesses and Suspects
Chapter 8 The Court System: Preparing for and Testifying in Court
Chapter 9 Technology and Communication: Tools of the Trade
Chapter 10 Conflict Resolution and Other Special Forms of Communication

Part IV. Effective Communication with Different Populations

Chapter 11 Communication with Diverse Populations: Ethnic/Cultural Groups and Children and Youth
Chapter 12 Communication with Special Groups: Cognitive, Physiological, Psychological, and Emotional Disabilities

ISBN:  978-1-5063-9213-4

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