Delivering Effective Virtual Presentations Book

In an era where technology and the skills required to navigate its use are deemed innate, people can experience some difficulty in transferring face-to-face skills to the virtual environment when they have not received any training or instruction in that regard. In many cases, books designed to assist in the learning process can be lengthy and cumbersome, rather than the clear, concise, complete, and correct format appreciated by readers. Delivering Effective Virtual Presentations provides you with clear guidelines for creating and delivering webinars, e-meetings, and virtual presentations, including checklists and examples. The concise content of the book will help you to fill the gap between your existing knowledge, skills, and abilities for delivering effective presentations and those necessary for doing so in the virtual environment. Whether you are a college student, an employee, or a supervisor, manager, or executive, this book is a user-friendly tool to prepare you to be an effective virtual presenter.